Artists in Conversation:

Dado talks to Danny Volk on "Made-Up with Danny Volk"

Made-Up with Danny Volk: Dado

The Hungarian director-turned-sculptor discusses her shift in focus

I realized after all these years of making plays that I'm a sculptor.

Andy Ludington

Post-Apocalyptic Production

Lessons learned from a season of filming a web series

When we decided to produce our own film project, we had some tough decisions to make.

Jeroen Nelemans

Visas for International Artists

Jeroen Nelemans on how to win the "extraordinary visa"

The only thing you know is that if you do not get the visa, you have 10 days to leave the country. It's a complete mind-fuck.

Sarah Best

Artist Sarah Best on Fiscal Sponsorship

An ambitious project is realized via Links Hall

Realizing my vision was priceless. It was crucial in my transition from an emerging artist to something more.

Nick Keenan

Function and Form

Getting a website that works for you

Although his design work has made him one of the most sought-after sound designers in the city, Nick Keenan has also become something of a guru for arts organizations looking to expand or improve their web presence.

Halfway There

Using the mid-year review to assess the state of your art

Well everyone it was a great and extremely hot summer, and unfortunately it’s coming to an end. Your band has played at a music fest or two, you’ve sold some art at a few craft fairs or your film premiered at a film festival, all and all it has been a very busy and very productive summer.

Lacy Katherine Campbell: On Art and Advertising

Balancing art and commerical work

Though surprisingly few actors fulfill the stereotype of waiting tables for a living, it's true that many are not able to support themselves solely from their artistic work. Lacy Campbell reflects on the balance between the art that she's passionate about and the commercial work that allows her to pursue that passion.

Jamil Khoury: Reimagining the Silk Road

Silk Road Rising and the Video Drama

In 2011, the critically acclaimed Silk Road Theatre Project reinvented itself as Silk Road Rising, expanding its mission to include the production of online “video dramas” along with its live theater performances. Artistic Director Jamil Khoury discusses the new mission, the reasons for the change, and the challenges of rebranding a successful theater company.

Chris McAvoy - Awesome Foundation

Philanthropic Micro-granting for the Arts

The Awesome Foundation was founded in 2009 as an alternative to conventional forms of philanthropy. The basic idea is simple: ten trustees commit to a pool of $1000 per month. The trustees give away the $1000 as a grant to an "awesome"project.

Promoting Disability Arts + Culture, 2011 One State in the Arts

Dr. Carrie Sandahl -- Conference Presenter

Dr. Carrie Sandahl is an Associate Professor in the Department of Disability and Human Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is the head of the new Program on Disability Art, Culture, and Humanities, which is devoted to research on and the creation of disability art.  Beginning in 2010, this program is the new administrative home for Chicago’s Bodies of Work, an organization that supports city-wide disability arts festivals and that promotes disability arts and culture year-round.

A Sustainable Model for Arts Partnerships

Joanne Vena, Director of School Partnerships, CCAP

How can an artist combine his or her art practice with giving back to the community and, at the same time, make a living? It’s a question many artists face, and it's one answered by few organizations.

How Does the Experience of Being a Teaching Artist Enrich Your Own Art Practice?

Being a teaching artist in various venues profoundly influences and formulates my own art practice. In the past few years working in residency with different organizations not only opens doors for me to have an insightful experience of the communities where the school is situated, but also opens my inner-eye to see myself in relation to others. This journey of rediscovering and seeing myself betters my studio practice.

Richard Moskal

Profile: Chicago Film Office

Rich Moskal of DCASE Surveys the Field

Chicago filmmaking has seen windfall years before and, unfortunately, they’re often followed by crippling drought.

What is Your Most Successful Strategy for Getting Your Work out There?

About 6 years ago, I went into Gallery Mornea with a portfolio of post-baby paintings. Bert Menco had seen my work and he encouraged me to approach the Gallery. So, after years of serious motherhood to the (almost) total exclusion of art-making, I grabbed the kid, the stroller, and the portfolio and marched right in to my appointment. My reluctance was met with complete acceptance. In fact, I was included in a group show a few months later as a result of this.

William Rattner - Lawyers for the Creative Arts

What do Lawyers Have to do with Art?

I don't have a story, I have a plea to the arts community, based on hundreds of stories told by the artists who come to us for help. My plea is simple, and not very original. I am urging each of you to realize that, whether or not you like it, you are in business.

Duncan MacKenzie, Bad at Sports Podcast

How did Bad at Sports get started?

Bad at Sports is a weekly podcast produced in Chicago that features artists talking about art and the community that makes, reviews and critiques it. Shows are usually posted each weekend and can be listened to on any computer with an Internet connection and speakers or headphones. Past shows can be accessed via the Bad at Sports website.

Tom Van Eynde

As an artist yourself, how did you start shooting slides for other artists?

Photographing other artists’ work is not as rewarding as doing your own work, but it does allow me to do my own art without having to worry about funding.

Ana Fernandez

Graduate School Portfolio preparation: Dos and Don'ts

I tried to include work that showed the committee that I am a person who is "teachable." You are applying for admission to graduate school, not applying to be in an exhibition.