Actors for Les Innocents/The Innocents

Les Innocents/The Innocents
Directed and created by Ann Kreitman
Dramaturgy by Molly Donahue


Rehearsals: Sept 2-30, 2018 Mon-Thur (6:30-10:30) Sun (5-9pm)
Tech: Oct 1-3 & 8, 2018 (6-11pm)
Previews: Oct 7 & 9 (6-11pm)
Performances: Oct 10 - Nov 4 Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun (8pm) plus 10/27 & 11/3 at 11pm

Les Innocents/The Innocents is an immersive quest for epic queer love. Inspired by a real concert that took place in the Paris Catacombs in 1897, the story follows Gui, a composer on a search to awaken the spirit of their deceased lover: Mathilde.  On their journey, Gui encounters eccentric and musical ghosts who misdirect their pursuit and inspire chaos for the living and dead. Les Innocents/The Innocents is a vintage, queer thriller investigating our relationship to imperfection, death, and failure.

Gender and age in this show is expressive and fluid. Please submit for any character with whom you feel a connection.

Must be comfortable with choreographed movement. French language skills are a bonus!

All roles are stipend positions.

Auditions will be paired sides provided to be prepared in advance. You will receive sides when offered an audition slot.

Auditions: Sunday, April 8, 12-6pm

Callbacks/Movement Call: Saturday, April 14, 10am-4pm

Email headshot and resume to with the character(s) you are interested in along with any conflict with audition date/time.


Gui is, above all, an artist. They live loudly and passionately and take up all the space in a room. They are a progressive composer, writing symphonies. They are the center of their own universe. Their intensity has brought them quick success but alienated their lover Mathilde. Gui is not a cisgender man.

Gui sings acapella in the show.


Mathilde is a quietly intelligent and loyal person. During the time she was with Gui, she found herself lost in the largeness of Gui, unable to extricate herself from their persona. Mathilde is not an artist but is very well read. She is reluctant to say that she doesn’t understand something, she learns by watching and absorbing from those around her. Mathilde is not a cisgender man.

Mathilde sings acapella in the show.


Jacques (The Mapmaker)
Jacques is a tender and impulsive person. He is deeply loyal and extremely committed to his job. Jacques was a lower class young man living on the outskirts of Paris when his wife and infant got ill and died.  Their bodies were taken to the catacombs. To be closer to them, Jacques got a job in the catacombs and began to feel more comfortable underground than above. Eventually, Jacques stopped going home and now lives in the Catacombs, committed to mapping out the 200 miles of tunnels below the city.  His grip on sanity is slipping.

Jacques will need to appear shirtless in a non-sensual context. This will not be required in the audition.

Veronique (The Madame)
Veronique is a bold and brassy bully.  She is vicious and highly emotionally intelligent. She has been in the catacombs for a very long time. Veronique worked in a brothel and fell in love with the mother of the house, Beatrice. Mirroring Mathilde’s passion for Gui, Veronique wanted to become Beatrice as well as be with her. Veronique’s jealousy eventually led her to murder Beatrice and kill herself so they could be together forever in the catacombs. It didn’t work.


Ignace (The Priest)
Ignace was about to be ordained right before his death.  He was killed in the Reign of Terror when his church was destroyed. Ignace enjoys the power he gets from following the rules.  He is stern and quick to judge. He almost had everything he ever wanted.


Adele (The Butcher’s Daughter)
Adele lived outside of Paris but came into the city to sell meat for her father. As the only child of an unforgiving man, she devised many defense mechanisms. She takes the side of Ignace, a religious and decisive woman. She is clever and closed off.


Helene (The Midwife)
Helene is a gentle and awkward klutz. She loves children and the sciences devoted her life to midwifery. One her first solo birth, she received a stillborn, for this and a suspicion of witchcraft, Helene was murdered. She sees the world in a positive and simple light.


Valentin (The Revolutionary)
This role has been cast.


Thibaut & Pascal (The Buskers)
Thibaut and Pascal are the comedic relief of the show.  They are buskers who were run over by a streetcar the first day streetcars ran through Paris.  They are best friends and the purity of their camaraderie has them together in death. Thibaut and Pascal must be instrumental musicians. Comedic and musical improv are both bonuses.


  • This production will have a full design team.
  • Costumes will be supplied by the producer.
  • There will be understudies for this production.
  • This production will contain minimal choreographed violence and a fight choreographer will be on staff for this production.
  • A movement choreographer will be on staff for this production.
  • This production will have a nontraditional audience seating arrangement with audiences sitting in specified locations throughout the space and the action will take place around and among the seats.
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Sunday, April 8, 2018
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