Social Media Lead

Submitted by MartinJon on Sun, 03/18/2018 - 4:50pm
Miedo No Mas

I am looking to add to my team locally. Miedo No Más is a company in the health and wellness field. I am an artist utilizing portraiture to help people see themselves. I am looking to do a social media push and need someone local to help me and my current assistant, who will be moving out of state but will continue to work with us, on building our vision.


I am looking for someone who understands social media and has a grasp of how to gain followers and is interested in building the vision of Miedo No Más as it grows. We are looking to focus on Instagram and all other venues from that as our base. Knowledge of Hootsuite is a plus as is the ability to communicate in Spanish. We will be taking on some bigger ideas in the coming weeks/months so Social may not be the only aspect of your job but that is where it will start and we will go from there.


I am currently looking to for someone who is open to working 10-15 hours a week at $15 an hour. This is a contract position but I am looking to grow quickly and when that happens I would love to employ this person.

Skills & Qualifications: 

Understands Instagram

  • how to post stories

  • how to announce and host live events

  • get responses

  • post giveaways and gain followers

  • convert interested parties to sign up for emails, or join a conference call

  • Add elements to images like text or emoticons

  • How to aggregate through Hootsuite

  • Customer service savvy and able to respond to questions or comments




  • Spanish Speaking

  • Has hosted or used MeetUp before

  • Has attended or hosted conference calls

  • Has used Mailchimp

To Apply: 

Email your resume and a brief description of why Miedo No Más is of interest to you, and if you have any history with mindfulness or healing of any kind that would not be considered strictly western. 

All participants will go through a blind portrait session and from there a second interview would be scheduled.

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MartinJon Garcia
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