Wardrobe Supervisor

Wardrobe Supervisor for the Joel Hall Dancers for Nuts & Bolts 2018 at the Beverly Arts Center, Chicago, IL.  Wardrobe Supervisor duties include but are not limited to supervising all costume fittings and the in-studio costume run, completing all alterations and repairs on existing wardrobe, dyeing existing and new shoe inventory, laundering, and preparing the wardrobe and wigs for all tech/dress rehearsals and performances, inventory wardrobe after last performance, supervising the Dressers, and act as the liaison between the Beverly Arts Center’s wardrobe staff and the Joel Hall Dancers. After load out dry clean/launder, inventory and re-pack for storage with the PSM at the storage unit. Contractor agrees to follow the costume care instructions implicitly. Schedule of hours required: tbd.

Skills & Qualifications: 
  • Experience in alterations/wardrobe/costuming
  • Communicative, responsible and reliable
  • Organized with strong attention to detail
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment under pressure
To Apply: 

Please send resumes and references to jhdassistantdir@joelhall.org and payrollcoordinator@joelhall.org for consideration. 

Contact Information
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